Professional dance companies around the world have licensed the masterworks of Martha Graham.

Martha Graham Resources can customize projects that meet your company’s needs, and will provide top-level Graham regisseurs and reconstruction materials that support performances of the highest artistic authenticity.

Past partners include: American Ballet Theater, Bodiography, Dance Kaleidoscope, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Grand Theater of Lodz, Ballet de L’Opéra de ParisBallet de LorraineDiana VishnevaHET Dutch National BalletHubbard Street 2Kanopy DancePeter London Global Dance Company, South Carolina Contemporary Dance Company, Verb Ballets, and Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company.

Available Graham repertory for licensing includes:

Acts of Light (1981)
Adorations (1975)
Appalachian Spring (1944)
Cave of the Heart (1946)
Celebration (1934)
Chronicle (1936)
Dark Meadow (1946)
Dark Meadow Suite (1946)
Deep Song (1937)
Diversion of Angels (1948)

Deaths and Entrances (1943)
El Penitente (1940)
Embattled Garden (1958)
Errand Into the Maze (1947)
Frontier (1935)
Heretic (1929)
Lamentation (1930)
Maple Leaf Rag (1990)
Night Journey (1947)
Night Journey Chorus Suite (1947)

Panorama (1935)
Primitive Mysteries (1931)
The Rite of Spring (1984)
Satyric Festival Song (1932)
Serenata Morisca (1916)
Temptations of the Moon (1986)

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