JANUARY 13, 2023 at 3PM



Catch up with “the extraordinary Martha Graham Dance Company”

(Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune)

See Hofesh Shechter’s astonishing CAVE alongside excerpts from the new Canticle for Innocent Comedians by Martha GrahamSonya Tayeh, and Micaela Taylor

Friday, January 13 at 3pm

at the Martha Graham Studio Theater at 55 Bethune Street (at the corner of Washington Street), NYC
and streamed live at


A catalog of classic GRAHAM MASTERWORKS such as Appalachian Spring, Diversion of Angels, Maple Leaf Rag and more and NEW WORKS by…

Hofesh Shechter

Sonya Tayeh with Michaela Taylor, Yue Yin, Juliano Nunes and others, score by Jason Moran

Annie Rigney (premiere April ’23)

Baye and Asa (premiere April ’23)

Jamar Roberts with a new score by Rhiannon Giddens (premiere spring ’24)


Inspired by the work from 1952 by Martha Graham
New production conceived by Janet Eilber
Lead Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Choreography for vignettes by Martha Graham and Micaela Taylor
Music by Jason Moran
Costumes by Karen Young
Associate Choreographer: Jenn Freeman

Premiere: March 19, 2022, The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts at California State University, Northridge

This is a dance of joy, in praise of the world as it turns.
–Martha Graham

Alessio Crognale   Laurel Dalley Smith   Natasha M. Diamond-Walker
Lloyd Knight   Jacob Larsen   Anne O’Donnell   Lorenzo Pagano
Anne Souder   Richard Villaverde   Leslie Andrea Williams   Xin Ying

Opening, Closing Dance and all Interludes for the Ensemble Choreography by Sonya Tayeh

Choreography by Martha Graham

Anne O’Donnell, Lloyd Knight

Choreography by Micaela Taylor

Laurel Dalley Smith, Lorenzo Pagano

Major support for Canticle for Innocent Comedians was provided by Tee Scatuorchio & Michael Becker.

This work was made possible with a significant commissioning grant from The O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation and was commissioned by The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts with support from Jazz Road | South Arts Grant, California State University Northridge and Northrop Auditorium at The University of Minnesota.

Additional support was provided by Kenneth Bloom & Abby Meiselman, and by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

A creative residency was sponsored by The Church, Sag Harbor.

Choreography by Hofesh Shechter
Creative Producer Daniil Simkin
Music by Âme† and Hofesh Shechter
Costumes by Caleb Krieg
Choreography Assistant Kim Kohlmann

World Premiere: April 6th, 2022, New York City Center

So Young An   Laurel Dalley Smith   Lloyd Knight   Jacob Larsen
Marzia Memoli   Anne O’Donnell   Lorenzo Pagano   Anne Souder
Richard Villaverde   Leslie Andrea Williams   Xin Ying

CAVE was made possible with a significant commissioning grant from The O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation.

Major support for CAVE was provided by Sharon Patrick, the Clayton-Royer Family Fund, Monica Voldstad and Jeff & Susan Campbell and Barbara Goldstein.

Production support was provided by Vassar College.

Co-Producing support provided by Studio Simkin and Sharing Spaces.

†Samples of „Fiori” by Âme; Sample of “The Witness” by me & Karyyn. Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer are members of the German collecting society GEMA and published by Innervisions GmbH.


The Graham repertory provides almost limitless possibilities for events, performances and curricula that can enhance a range of subjects for any audience. These include masterclasses, lecture-demonstrations, film screenings, gallery exhibits, and many other creative interactions. For more information or to discuss specific collaborations, please contact Simona Ferrara or Janet Eilber by email or call the Martha Graham Dance Company at 212.229.9200.

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