The Martha Graham Dance Company offers a 4-Week Zoom Workshop with our incomparable dancers!


Live Interactive Classes include time for your questions!
16 classes per week to choose from – 64 classes total – S10 per class.

Offering: Graham Basics, Intermediate, Advanced, Fast Advanced, and Open Level Classes, GrahamCore Workout and Graham Repertory.

Special events such as Q&A with Artistic Director Janet Eilber on Saturday May 30 are free for all who have purchased a class.

With Martha Graham Dance Company dancers Lloyd Knight, Xin Ying, Lloyd Mayor, Natasha Diamond-Walker, Lorenzo Pagano, Charlotte Landreau, Anne O’Donnell, Leslie Andrea Williams, Anne Souder, Laurel Dalley Smith, So Young An, Marzia Memoli, Jacob Larsen, and Alessio Crognale.

Register for a class
View our online class schedule and click “Sign Up Now” to select a class. You will be prompted to create an account. It’s easy! While registering, please be sure to select “send me email reminders and schedule changes” so that you do not miss any emails from us. You can elect to make a single reservation or a recurring reservation.
Classes are $10 per single class starting Tuesday, May 12.

Download Zoom
Download the Zoom app on your phone or computer before your first class. You do not need to create a Zoom account to join a class.

Check your email for a class link
After registering, you will receive an automatic email from Mindbody, which will contain a Zoom link to your class. Please make sure that when signing up, you elect to receive email updates from Mindbody, or the email with your class link may be delayed in getting to you.

5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time, click the link in your email and you will automatically be taken into the ‘studio’.

Clear some space to move, and have fun!

Other information
Please note that when you enter the virtual “zoom studio”, you may be asked to provide your name. The name that you take class under (the name on your zoom account) must match the name that you registered for class under (the name on your Mindbody account).

If you are having trouble registering for class, try using a different browser.

Graham Basics
This introductory class will explain the essentials of Graham technique. No experience necessary. Time for your questions is included.

Intermediate Level
This class is best for dancers with some experience in the Graham Technique. Class will progress at a moderate rate, and allow plenty of time for explanations. Time for your questions is included.

Open Level
This class is open to all. The exercises are designed to be suitable for anyone with some knowledge of the Graham Technique. Time for your questions is included.

Advanced Level
This class is designed for dancers with considerable experience in the Graham Technique. Exercises will be more complex than the Intermediate Level, but include time for instruction. Time for your questions is included.

Fast Advanced
This class is for advanced or professional dancers. Class will move quickly, with limited instruction.

Graham Core
This class is designed to build a powerful core – the basis of all Graham movement. All levels of dancer — and even non-dancers — are welcome. Time for your questions is included.

Graham Rep
Join Leslie Andrea Williams as she teaches classic solos and excerpts from Graham masterworks. This class is open to anyone with a basic knowledge of the Graham Technique.

Graham Rep (Satyric Festival Song)
Learn the Graham solo Satyric Festival Song from Xin Ying. Follow along as she teaches the solo to Anne O’Donnell who will help with your questions. This class is open to anyone (of any gender) with a basic knowledge of the Graham Technique. Recommended as a four-class series.

How do I join the class online?
After registering for your class in Mindbody, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to your online class. You should use this link to enter the virtual studio 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class. We recommend downloading the Zoom app on your computer before your first class, however, there is no need to create an account with Zoom.

What do I do if I don’t receive an email to join the class?
The class link will be emailed to you directly from Mindbody after you register. When signing up, please make sure to select the option which allows Mindbody to send you reminder and schedule change emails, otherwise there may be a delay in your receipt of the class link. If you do not see a confirmation email, be sure to check your spam and promotions folders as well as double-check your Mindbody account to make sure you are enrolled in the correct class and your email is listed correctly in your account. If you are still unable to locate the email, you can email with the subject line “Online Class Help” for assistance.

What if I need to cancel my class?
If you cancel your reservation within 5 minutes of the scheduled class start time, your class registration fee will be refunded. We are unable to refund for any cancellations that take place within 5 minutes of the class start time.

Will everyone be able to see me in the class?
It is up to you! Your sound will be automatically muted upon entering the meeting and we ask that you stay muted unless necessary to allow for the instructor to be heard. You can choose to hide your video upon entering or turn it off at any time throughout the class.

How old do you have to be to take class?
Graham classes are open to all ages!

Do you offer class for free?
You can take on-demand classes with our instructors on our YouTube channel for free at any time. Beginning Tuesday, May 12, all classes are $10. All Zoom classes on Monday, May 11 are free – Happy Birthday, Martha! Certain special events, like our Q&A with Artistic Director Janet Eilber on Saturday May 30, will be free for those who have purchased a class


MONDAY at 11:00AM (est)


with Anne Souder

MONDAY at 1:00PM (est)


with Leslie Andrea Williams

MONDAY at 2:30PM (est)


with Lloyd Knight


TUESDAY at 8:00AM (est)


with Laurel Dalley Smith

TUESDAY at 11:00AM (est)


with Jacob Larsen and Lorenzo Pagano

TUESDAY at 2:30PM (est)


with Natasha Diamond-Walker


WEDNESDAY at 8:00AM (est)


with Lloyd Mayor

WEDNESDAY at 11:00AM (est)


with Charlotte Landreau

WEDNESDAY at 1:00PM (est)


with Anne Souder

WEDNESDAY at 2:30PM (est)


with Xin Ying and Anne O’Donnell


THURSDAY at 11:00AM (est)


with Marzia Memoli and Alessio Crognale

THURSDAY at 1:00PM (est)


with So Young An

THURSDAY at 2:30PM (est)


with Natasha Diamond-Walker


FRIDAY at 11:00AM (est)


with Lloyd Knight

FRIDAY at 2:30PM (est)


with Leslie Andrea Williams


SATURDAY at 12:00PM (est)

GRAHAM REPERTORY: The 19 Power Poses

with Xin Ying