UPS: A Chance to Perform at the Joyce!

University students steal the stage from the Martha Graham Dance Company

2015 University Partners Showcase  ⋅  The Joyce Theater, New York City  ⋅  February 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Planning is underway for our Third University Partners Showcase. As part of the Martha Graham Dance Company’s 2015 New York Season, students from select national dance training programs will come to New York City to perform at The Joyce Theater. Student dancers will perform Graham classics in conjunction with the company’s Shape and Design season. Past UPS performances have sold-out!

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A Taste of the UPS Experience:

“It was such a joy to watch our dancers rise to the occasion in a Graham work, in New York City, onstage at the Joyce.”
– Susan Stowe, Chair, Department of Dance, Point Park Conservatory of Performing Arts

“Participating in your first University Partners Showcase was both an honor and a thrill. The educational experience and opportunity this afforded our students was invaluable. I feel certain they will reflect upon it for the rest of their lives. Congratulations on bringing your fantastic idea to fruition.”
– Mary Harney, Artist-in-Residence, Skidmore College

“If by studying and performing a Graham masterwork, these students have learned something about themselves, having given more of themselves emotionally as well as physically than they may have thought possible, that’s a lesson that will stay with them and inform their lives, whether or not they go on to become professional dancers.”
– Janet Eilber, Artistic Director, Martha Graham Dance Company

2012; CART; dance; student, Works A Foot

Why Participate in University Partners Showcase?

Contact  Suzy Upton to learn how to turn UPS into an outreach or fundraising event for your dance program!

First Showcase
Second Showcase
March 17, 2012
in conjunction with the Company’s 2012 season:
Inner Landscape
2012 Participants included:

The Hartt School
New World School of the Arts
Skidmore College
Point Park University
Interlochen Arts Academy
University of Arizona
Graham 2
Dark Meadow Suite
Prelude to Action
Steps in the Street
On My Mother’s Side
Diversion of Angels

February 23, 2013
in conjunction with the Company’s 2013 season:
Myth and Transformation
2013 Participants included:

Franklin and Marshall College
Montclair State University
New World School of the Arts
Graham 2
Adelphi University
Sarah Lawrence College
All City Panorama
Night Journey Chorus
Rite of Spring
Primitive Mysteries



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