Peter Sparling’s Notes for a Voyage

While tickets have sold out for Notes for a Voyage, mark your calendars for GrahamDeconstructed: Appalachian Spring Up Close and Personal

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September 16 and 17, 7:00pm at the Martha Graham Studio Theater

Notes for a Voyage

“Notes for a Voyage” theatricalizes Graham’s intense creative process.

Starring Blakeley White-McGuire, Tadej Brdnik, Lloyd Knight and Ben Schultz.

The evening includes a conversation with original cast member Stuart Hodes
and an open rehearsal of Martha Graham’s Errand into the Maze.

Tickets are available online:

September 16

September 17

Company alum and filmmaker / choreographer Peter Sparling presents a dance and media event focusing on the creative process behind Graham’s 1953 work, “Voyage.” A highly personal and psychological dance, “Voyage” was born out of Graham’s sessions with Jungian analyst Francis Wickes. No record of the dance remains, but much has been written about its creation.