Teens@Graham houses exciting programs for teens (13-18) and is open to dancers of all backgrounds and abilities.


Young Artists Program:

For more information call 212-229-9200 x28 or email youngartists@marthagraham.org.

The mission of the Young Artists Program is to further teens’ development both as individuals and as artists using the Graham Technique and Repertory as a foundation for study. Dance serves as a platform for personal and creative exploration and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Teens are essential members of the Martha Graham School, which strives to provide them opportunities to expand their understanding of dance and all the arts. Each semester teens will attend two special events through which they are introduced to significant artistic and intellectual movements. These may include field trips to museums and other organizations, guest lectures and film screenings, to name a few. Teens will also be invited to attend the Martha Graham Dance Company open rehearsals and performances.

Participation in this program is by audition or invitation only. Students will receive registration form and information packet once accepted into the program.

Teen Classes:

Fall Semester: September 24 – January 23, 2017

Ballet Mondays 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Graham Technique Tuesdays
5:30pm – 7:00pm
10:00am – 11:30am
Creative Workshop* Saturdays 11:45am – 1:15pm

* Creative Workshop is open to members of the Teens Artists Program ONLY

Graham Technique: Martha Graham created her revolutionary dance technique in the early 20th-century. She developed a strong athletic style that also expressed the essence of emotion. The demanding physical training of the Graham technique is also a system through which to explore one’s inner emotions and beliefs. It offers ways to express ideas that words often cannot. Through floor and center work, as well as combinations across the floor, the Technique will hone young dancers’ skills to develop a strong, lifelong physical and emotional foundation.

Ballet: The study of Ballet provides a foundation that can support many dance forms. At the Martha Graham School we approach our ballet classes in a nurturing way, focusing on the individual students’ abilities. An emphasis is put on, but not limited to, body awareness, body placement, coordination, musicality, and flexibility. The classes are structured to enhance and support the study of the Graham Technique.

Weekly Class Offerings

School Partnerships:
Our School Partnerships offer middle schools and high schools in New York City the opportunity to enhance their modern dance curriculum with the Martha Graham Technique, and integrate Graham into their curriculum in compliance with the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning the Arts. The Martha Graham School has served as a professional development facilitator (Grade 12) for the Blueprint, which is used by schools throughout New York State.

All-City Panorama:


Workshop and Performances for high school teens
Send us your promising dance students to our citywide audition:

Saturday, October 29, 2016
Registration starts at 2:00pm

Martha Graham School,
55 Bethune Street 11th Floor, NY 10014

No prior Graham Technique experience is required!!

Panorama, a classic dance by Martha Graham from 1935, has a timeless theme — the power of social activism. At 11 minutes in length, Panorama is a stunning example of 30s modernism with highly energized movement and shifting geometric patterns created by groups of dancers rushing through space. Graham originally created the work for students. The movement is very accessible and appropriate for intermediate and advanced students — even for those without prior Graham technique. The dance is energetic and filled with traveling steps such as rhythmic walks, prances, low runs, and many different types of jumps. Students will use these steps in complicated group patterns, fast exits, and entrances. They will also learn to coordinate with the shifting counts of the music. The work has been re-staged for students with great success.

It offers many exciting connections to the NY Blueprint and Common Core State Standards.

For further information please contact Tami Alesson, Director of Student Affairs,
at 212-229-9200 ext. 28 or youngartists@marthagraham.org

Teens@Graham Summer Intensive:
The Teens@Graham Summer Intensive is designed for teenagers unable to attend the Martha Graham School year round and for those who wish to progress rapidly in the Martha Graham Technique. This four-week program offers dancers a rigorous program in Martha Graham Technique, Ballet, Gyrokinesis, Contemporary, and Hip Hop with additional opportunities to expand their training in Youth ChoreoLab and Repertory as well as in the NEW Choreography Workshop.

Teen Summer Intensive
July 10 – Aug 5
Pre-Teen Summer Intensive
July 10 – July 21

NEW Choreography Workshop
July 10 – Jul 22 + Jul 24 – Aug 5

Teens@Graham Showcase:
Please stand by for more information.

Teen Mentorship Program:
Through the Teen Mentorship Program, students engage with faculty mentors to learn more about the college and career opportunities in dance. Teens@Graham conducts college talks and hosts career seminars introducing students to the many possibilities in the field and beyond.

The Graham School also collaborates in partnership with organizations dedicated to the professional and scholastic development of teens, such as Exploring the Arts, a non-profit founded by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto, dedicated to enhancing student lives through arts education.

Registration Information:

Students will receive registration form and information packet once accepted into the program. Please contact youngartists@marthagraham.org for more information.

2016-17 Academic Calendar:

For more information about the current semester, holidays and school closures, view the 2016-17 Academic Calendar

2016-17 Teens@Graham Brochure:

More information will be updated soon.

If you would like a hard copy of our brochure please e-mail youngartists@marthagraham.org with your name and address and we will be happy to send one to you.


For information about our programs for Professionals and Pre-professionals, click here.